30 years. What a beautiful age.


For its Spring-Summer 2017 collection, PARAKIAN Paris travels within the dream of a passionate woman who, like Juliette Binoche’s character in the movie Chocolat, takes a journey with the wind, following the “mistral” all the way to Provence through dreamlike landscapes, walking through poppy fields, traveling along the canals, and joining in the summer celebrations of idyllic French villages.

With a richly inspired imaginary world and PARAKIAN’s defining "joie de vivre", the range of colors and shapes chosen to characterize the new collection is an immersion into the world of femininity. The fabrics, like organza or silk cloth, are light and natural, alternating fluid and structured shapes creating an enticing look full of contrasts. The joyful prints are delicately enriched with handstitched embroidery and poetic hints, inspired by Chagall’s art, open the imagination to a free range of chromatic contrasts that the collection uses as pictorial themes to express the vitality of the PARAKIAN woman.

PARAKIAN describes nature not as it is but as it may be perceived, through the lens of emotions, much like the vision of an expressionist painter. Its fabrics are like canvases, the final painting complete with the signature of the author that PARAKIAN subtly inserted in its prints for the first time since the brand launched.

If the new PARAKIAN woman seems to belong in a romantic environment, her spirit is, without contradiction, decidedly strong. The collection expresses an unexpected willpower, especially in the knitwear, composed of complex and avant-garde jacquards made possible by the use of cutting-edge weaving techniques, creating an elegant thin armor.


PARAKIAN Atelier celebrates the 30th anniversary of Maison PARAKIAN.

With its richly inspired imaginary world, the capsule Atelier invites us to wander through the festive and fabulous universe of an extravagant circus show from the past century: acrobats, trapeze artists, exotic animals, magicians, clowns, carousels and chimes...

The exclusive prints, the imaginative variety of weaves and the flowing character of the clothing, are derived from Chagall, the painter of dreams. Subtle dashes of colour enrich the themes with a pictorial movement that conveys the vital strength of the PARAKIAN woman. The colours reflect nature not as it is but how it might be felt: emotions are transferred onto the fabrics with the stroke of a brush.